Instructions for the Barbrite Bartenders Light


  • 1 light globe and filter
  • 1 plastic bag with (2) remote controls & retractable carabiners
  • 1 plastic bag with 550 cord, clear filament line, line locks, (3)AAA batteries, eye screw & plastic toggle ( Plastic toggle will use drill bit size = 5/16” )


  • Remove all components in the box
  • Unscrew (counter clockwise) the fitter from globe.
  • Unscrew (counter clockwise) the top of LED light puck.
  • Install the (3) AAA batteries in LED light puck.
  • Re-install the top of LED light puck (DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE LED LIGHT PUCK TOP PERIODS)
  • Re-install the fitter to the globe periods
  • Attach 550 cord hook on hoop on the globe fitter (if you wish the hanging cord to be invisible to the eye use the clear filament cord to hang the globe periods)
  • Use the eye screw (if the ceiling is solid) or eye screw with plastic toggle (if the ceiling material is soft) to mount the hanging globe to the ceiling. (An electric drill will be needed to install the plastic toggle for hanging the globe)
  • Remove remotes from bag & pull plastic battery protection tabs out.


Barbrite Bartenders, Light hangs in the bartenders area at a height of 7-8 feet off the floor. It must be totally visible to all floor staff. The remote is used by the bartender's to control the light at a distance of 10-12 feet. (The remote is directional & must be pointed clearly at the globe) The color of the light indicates what the bartender's needs are.

  • Example : Red = Needs Security
  • Green = Needs Bar back
  • Blue = Needs Manager
  • White = Needs Money

Note : The light is to NEVER be left on. It must be turned off once assistance has arrived. This will prevent staff becoming desensitized to the light and not seeing it and will save battery power.

Lifetime Warranty

The BARBRITE Bartender’s Light carries a Limited LIFETIME Warranty on all for manufacturing defects or product failures. If you experience an issue with the product, upon the return of the failed product a new replacement will be sent free of charge. Technical support is available by phone, chat and email. The warranty is valid and only applies when BARBRITE Bartender’s Lights are properly used for their intended applications. Note; shipping & handling charges may apply.

Return Address for product: P.O. BOX 250685, Daytona Beach, Florida 32125